In an increasingly divisive and high-tension political climate, our mission is to unite Americans on the 3 things the US Constitution was designed to protect: peace, prosperity, and freedom. Our goal is to distribute 100 million Pocket Constitutions, will you join us?

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Pocket Constitution

Join the Freedom Core Team. A group of Americans who have committed to do 3 things:

Read It – The entire Constitution.

Know It – Learn a few things you didn’t know before.

Share It – Share the Constitution and what you have learned with others.

Read It.

When was the last time you read the entire Constitution? If it’s been a while that’s no problem. Begin today by reading it.

Read It

Read the Constitution


Know It.

Learn a few things you didn’t know before about the US Constitution. The resources on our site will help you get a start.

Know It.

Share It.

Once you’ve read the Constitution and learned a few things about it, we invite you to share it with others.

Here are 3 simple ways you can do that.

Share It

Share It.
Tell your friends about us on Social Media.

Share It.
Giveaway 100 Copies of the Constitution.
Share 100 Copies

Share It.
Donate to send copies to schools, the military or other nonprofit organizations.

Freedom Core Team

We need you on the Freedom Core Team. Help us distribute 100 Million Pocket Constitutions. Join the Cause that unites us and preserves peace, prosperity, and freedom for all Americans.

Freedom Core

Freedom Core Team

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The U.S. Constitution

Read It. Know It. Share It.

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